Decorating cakes has turned into more of an art form than ever over recent years and people are getting more and more extravagant with what they can create. No longer are cakes simply something tasty to complete a party but they take up centre stage as the centre piece, completing the party atmosphere and definitely wowing your friends and family in the process. So what baking tools are vital when it comes to cake decoration and what can you achieve with them?


Baking utensils have broadened in nature as the popularity of baking and decorating cakes grows beyond reason. No longer do we live in the times of basic cutters for fondant and anything more than that is seen as truly professional. Home bakers are growing in experience, ability and confidence and this is pushing the baking industry further into the depths of creating new baking items to keep up with demand. So here are a few that you can’t live without if you really want to impress those around you.


As baking equipments go, you won’t get far without icing bags. You can achieve so much with good quality icing bags and a few different tips and so these are an absolute must. Fortunately, they aren’t the kinds of equipment that you need to buy new every time if you spend a little extra getting good quality ones to begin with. Trust me, you won’t regret it. Having said that, there’s no point in spending lots on the bags and just buying cheap tips that will slip and slide. You need to get some good tips in basic shapes and you’ll be able to do all kinds of things with royal icing.


When you’re really taking you cake decorating seriously you won’t be able to find anything more useful than a cake turntable. It will make your life so much easier when it comes to decorating and when it comes to tools for baking this is one that you absolutely cannot live without. A cake turntable will save you time and effort and you will see the overall finish of your icing get much better very quickly.


Now, if you really want to make your cakes stand out then you’ll want to make them bright and colorful. Gel colors are using in icing and buttercream because their color is so strong. You will be left with impressive colors that don’t affect the taste, it’s what bakers have been dreaming of for years and they’re now accessible for all!


Decorating cakes is one of the most popular hobbies going and as a result, the amount of affordable and easy to use baking utensils has grown exponentially. If you’re new to the world of baking or even if you fancy spicing up the tools you already have, you’ll find there’s so much on offer these days that you won’t be able to help but go back for more!