Baking cookies is truly an art form. Taking precision and dedication like no other part of baking, it is absolutely one of the most distinguished part of baking. Baking biscuits and cookies is also deeply satisfying and the effects that you can create with these simple little treats are truly amazing. An integral party for any theme party supplies knowing how to decorate your biscuits and cookies can be tricky. Here are a few simple cookie decorating ideas for your next big bash.

A few different cutters will be the absolute key for cookies decorations as they set you up for doing so much more and make decorating biscuits easier from the start. If you already have the shape then you don’t have to design it onto the biscuit using icings and edible goodies so are saving yourself a massive task straight away.

One of the biggest reasons people throw parties and have edible delicacies is when they are announcing or celebrating a baby. Whether it’s a baby shower or a first birthday party, there are a few cookie designs that will always work and these can be decorated very simply using the colors that match the little one that’s about to/recently arrived. Balloons, candles, presents and pram cutters will all fit really well with this theme and using pale blue or pink will really give them and elegant finish.

The great thing about some of these cutters is they are interchangeable and can be used for lots of different occasions. Birthdays, NYE and even Christmas will all enjoy a selection of these decorations and you can just change up the colors to match the party that you’re throwing. Bright and bold or subtle and understated, when it comes to cookies decorations it’s more about the uniformity and neatness of them that the level of detail in the design.

For halloween you don’t need to go crazy with coming up with intricate decorations when a tray of evenly cooked and perfectly decorated cookies will wow the guests beyond belief. Pumpkins are a really simple design and can be decorated using minimal effort as it is mainly about getting the right color instead of intricate little details.

Now if you’re feeling really adventurous then one thing that will always impress guests is using cookies, biscuits and gingerbread to create a 3D image. Whether it’s a Hansel and Gretel style house or just a Christmas grotto, you can build it up with delicious goodness and decorate it using other decorated biscuits!

Baking and decorating cookies and biscuits is a fun task but can feel quite daunting before you get going. If you’re smart with your preparation and dedicate a good chunk of time to it then you’ll be able to achieve a stunning finish without breaking a sweat. Once you get going it’s easy to see why biscuits are such a fun area of baking and you’ll definitely give them a go over and over again.