Everyone loves a cupcake because it is a smaller, yet sweeter taste of dessert right in our hands. It is something that attracts us, not because it is simply delicious, but what is on top of that: the icing. The icings are designed differently on every cupcake with colors, shapes, and toppings. The taste is the same, but our minds are sucked in to what the top looks like. So, for those who bake their own cupcakes, coming up with decorating ideas and going on with them is important. Here are some cupcake decorating tips and tools that should be utilized when making them.

First, go buy some of these baking and decorating tools for the cupcakes, such as icing tips and bags that squeeze the icing onto the cupcakes.Put thetap inthe bag and turnit right over the tap to keep the icing from leaking. Stick the bag inside a flagon and let thetip dangle over the rim while the icing is poured inside.With one end in hand and the whole bag in the other,pressalong the bag’s top to get the icing out through the tip to make any design. With that, here are some of the creative ideas and techniques.

  • Grass – Put an open-starred tip in the bag and fill with green icing. With the bag held straight upright and just 1/8” from the cake, squish & pull back and stop quickly. Do this carefully for neatness.
  • Carnations – With a pedaled tip being pointed out, hold the bag 45-degrees upward and squeeze while moving the tip wiggling while moving in a fill circle. Repeat with the second and third layer, where the pedals stand on each other with gaps, like an actual flower.
  • Rosebud – There will be two different tips for this: a pedaled tip for the buds and a round tip for the stem. Start with the rose with one colored icing other than green, hold at 45-degrees up, and press while nudging the tip about ¼” around the edges. Stop, but keep squeezing to form a coil on the pedal and pull back. Now, the thorns and stem. First, squeeze from the center under the rose up and under it at 45-degrees and drag down to make the stem. Repeat with the other two thorns with one simple squeeze and tug.
  • Carrot – Yup! Ice a carrot on a carrot cupcake by using a rounded tip press tightly to let out a growing stream of orange icing. Leave a bit of space at the edge for a star-shaped tip and green icing to make the short greens on the top.

These are a few of the most decorative uses of the icing maneuvers to top off cupcakes and there’s a whole lot more where that came from. Balloons, other types of flowers, rainbows, and other “sculptures” can be utilized on the cupcake, if done carefully. With different tips, they all can be done.