Plunge Cutters have been a great addition to the world of baking, especially when it comes to ease of decorating cakes and decorating cupcakes for home bakers. Not only are they faster and easier than making every decoration by hand but the uniformity of the cut outs will give your cakes a really professional finish.

Cupcake decorations and cakes decorations can take a simple cake into something absolutely beautiful. While using royal icing can make your cake look stunning, fondant cutters are better at giving a uniform finish to even the most simplistic of cakes. Not only will all the cut outs look the same but you’ll find that venturing into the world of fondant plunge cutters will expand your ability to decorate cakes further than you’d ever have expected.

Plunge cutters come in all shapes and sizes and make decorating cakes and cupcakes much easier. The ease of use is absolutely incredible and you can very easily come up with a stylish look to cakes or cupcakes (or both!) that runs equal throughout. A really effective way of tying together more than one cake is using different colours with one fondant cutter so the theme continues through all the cakes. This is an incredibly effective thing to do at birthday parties and celebrations as you can also very easily tie in cupcakes at the same time.

While using different colours is a great way to provide difference in the uniformity of using fondant cutters they’re also great for something more serious such as a wedding cake. Wedding cakes are all about elegance and simplistic beauty and so using a flower cutter means you will be able to make stunning decorations for your cake without having to worry about anything else. While they are perfect for making decorations for a wedding cake getting to grips with the right colours without them looking garish can be a bit more tricky and that’s where combining tools comes in really handy. If you use a simple cutter to make your decorations all in white them you can even make them more 3D by using a small ball to lift the edges slightly.

Fondant plunge cutters are really coming into their own and the variety of shapes and sizes that you can easily find on the market is growing at an astonishing rate. Cakes and cupcakes are more popular now than they ever have been and as such, the number of decorating tools is greater now then ever before. Making your life easier and decorating cakes faster than you could have possibly imagined, no bakers tool kit is complete without a set of plunge cutters. You can use simple ones to spice up the most simplistic of cakes or get specialist ones that will match cakes for a specific theme. The world of fondant cutters is just opening and the more you explore, the more you’ll find to work for you!