After how a cake tastes, the way it looks is the second most important feature. Having a beautiful cake is something everyone wants to share on their social media and brag about to their friends. To help you have future cakes to brag about, we have a few cake decorating ideas, and cake decorations tips to share!

Cake Decorating Ideas

We have all seen the cool cakes online that have unique decorations. Some of the most popular include:

  • Star-tipped cake
  • Petal cake
  • Rose-covered cake

Cake Decoration Tips

Before we start talking about cake decoration tips, we have to discuss nozzles and the types of piping bags or icing bags. There are several types of nozzles that can be used while decorating a cake. You have the choice of using a coupler or not using one. A coupler is a tool that connects to the tip of the piping bag and allows you to change nozzles without changing bags. There are three types featherweight, disposable, and parchment triangles. Featherweight piping bags, or icing bags, are coated polyester, reusable and can be washed in a dishwasher. Disposable piping bags, or icing bags, are made of plastic, and can be thrown away after use. Parchment triangles are made of vegetable parchment paper that is grease-resistant and are disposable.

Placing Nozzles With Piping Bags

If you want to use a coupler while decorating cakes, here is how you apply it to your piping bag.

  • 1. Remove the coupler ring from its base
  • 2. Put the coupler base, with its narrow end first, into your piping bag
  • 3. Mark where the coupler’s bottom screw thread is pressed against the bag (featherweight bag)
  • • If you are using a disposable piping bag, mark ¼ inch below the thread
  • 4. Move the coupler so that you can cut the spot where you marked the piping bag
  • 5. Push the coupler back down so that only one thread is showing out of the bag
  • 6. Place your decorating nozzle over
  • 7. Place the ring over the nozzle and twist it so that it screws onto the coupler base

If you ever want to change decorating nozzles, you can just unscrew the ring and place another nozzle into the same place.

When you are not using a coupler, you can just place a nozzle into a piping bag. Just measure where to cut the piping bag’s tip and place the nozzle inside.

Making Cake Decorations

When making cake decorations, the way you hold the decorating bags is essential. The position dictates the shapes that come out of the piping tips, or icing tips.

  • For dots: (Keep in mind that the dots will appear in the same shape as the icing tip) Hold the piping bag vertically and close to the cake’s surface. Squeeze a small amount of icing, then stop squeezing, push down and pull up sharply.
  • For flowers, or roses: While using the appropriate piping tip, hold the icing bag vertically. Then pipe dollops of icing while pushing the bag down, and pulling up sharply
  • For writing: Use a round tipped icing tip, and hold the piping bag at an acute angle. While using the same amount of pressure on the piping bag, guide how the icing falls on the cake.