Icing is a really great way to bring your cakes to life. Sure, a nice Victoria sponge with jam and cream oozing out of the sides and dusted with icing sugar looks great, but unless it’s perfectly risen with a nice golden crust, it really doesn’t fit the bill. It’s really easy to use different icing to not only, make your cake look great from the outside but you can also use gel colors to really add a pop of color to your baking!

When it comes to cupcakes we’re all pretty used to the standard colors and flavors but when you’re having a theme for your cakes, making the cake mixture into different colors is a really great way to make it more exciting. While you can use colors for cake you can also mix it up by using icing colors, too. If you’re looking through the cupboards and all you can find is icing colors then fear now, they’re completely interchangable and can really make your cupcakes shine.

Wilton icing gel colors are some of the best on the market because they pack the biggest punch as far as color goes. One of the difficult things when you bake a cupcake is balancing the amount of baking colors you have to put into the mixture to really get the color as vibrant as you want it. While they tend to be used as colors for icing they’re actually really great at adding color into anything that needs it. Yes, a chocolate chip sponge covered with beautifully colored icing looks nice but nothing wows more than a cake that has also got the color to match the outside!

Now, you can really easily pick up a pack of Wilton icing gel colors as they will very quickly become a staple in your baking cupboard and the best thing is, if you get the basic color range then you’ll be able to mix and match as you please! This means that if you only have red and blue but really need a purple cake then you don’t need to buy a specific gel in for that! It means they’re an excellent space saver just on that front. Not only do they save space but the amounts that you need to use to get colors that truly pop out of the page are small so it’s a great investment for future baking ventures.

Coloring your cupcakes means that you can take your decoration to the next level as not only will they look great before they’ve been cracked open but once you bite into it you’ll have an extra surprise. You can make them match the rest of the decoration (such as red cake with chocolate chips and green icing for a watermelon) or it can just be as colorful as you’d like. The possibilities are endless when you start using icing colors in new ways.