When it comes to displaying cakes, there’s nothing that will make more of an impact that getting your hands on incredible cake stands or cupcake stands. Instead of just popping you cake on cupcakes on a tray you can easily get a beautiful 3D stand that will act as part of the party decorations and really bring the party alive. So what is so great about using a stand and what kind of shapes and sizes can you find to complete your theme party supplies.

The best thing about cake stands is you can use them over and over without any hassle. They make sure the cake is the centrepiece of the event and keep it clear of everything else food wise. Let’s face it, you don’t want to have crisps and pastry all over the icing of your cake. The practicalities of using an elegant cake stand go further than you would imagine.

Not only are stands incredibly practical but they are excellent ways to really complete the look of your party. With stands and holders coming in all shapes and sized you can choose to go with a classic look or one that matches the theme of your specific party. They take a simple cake or cupcakes into the next level by making them stand out from the crowd and an excellent focal point for your food area.

Cupcake holders have branched out into different looks and while you can use a standard cake stand you can also by ones with specific slots for each individual cupcake. Whether you decide to go for one with the cupcakes on individual spaces or one where the cupcakes fill up shelves, they’re a really great way to make them look enticing and really give a visual impact.

While you can go down the set route of cupcakes or one big cake there’s also stands that will allow you to do both and these are excellent for larger parties or if you want to try out a few different flavours and looks of cakes. With one large cake up at the top and tiers for lots of cupcakes cascading down, they take cake from simply delicious to elegant and sophisticated.

Cake stands and cupcake holders are all the rage at the moment as the world of baking becomes more and more popular. No party is complete without cake of some sort and to really make them pop, a stand is all you need. The more popular they are the more easily you’ll find ones that match your specific needs and they can be really easily used as party decorations. Not only do they make the cake and cupcakes stand out but they’re also practical and easy to use. If you buy a simple design then it opens up the world to it being decorated in the same theme as the cakes and all you need to do is wash it at the end of the night. So give it a try and see what wonderful things you can do with cake and cupcake stands.