Birthdays require a birthday cake, especially when it comes with kids. Those who like cake in any flavor can get it at the bakery, but in the era of the homemade recipe, we are now looking at things we can do from scratch in our kitchens. Instead of buying cakes that contain preservatives and other things not healthy for us, we can make our own cake that is natural and still delicious. Here is an easy birthday cake recipe to follow.

First, get the ingredients needed for the birthday cake. Start with a cup – or stick – of butter or margarine, a cup of whole milk, two cups of sugar (white or brown is fine), 3-5 eggs, three cups of flour, three teaspoons of baking powder, a teaspoon of vanilla extract, icing and sprinkles (optional), and a dot of salt. Then, there are the baking tools and cake pans, such as a 9x13 inch pan, a mechanical mixer, and a wooden spoon.

Start by, like most cooking instruction, heating the oven at175 degrees Celsius, of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Get non-stick spray and flour to spread over the 9x13 inch pan. Next,mix the butter, vanilla extract, and sugar in a bowl till it is avelvetytexture. Then, take the eggs and split the yolk and egg whites. Pour the egg yolk one by one into the mix and beatthem for a few seconds after one is poured in. Next, ration the baking powder with the flour andstir a touch of flour in the mix. Keepputting in flour and milk a bit at a time while simultaneouslywhiskingeverything in the bowl.

Keep on mixing the newly made cake batter till all of the hidden air pockets are popped out to make sure every speck of the batter is smooth. Now, go ahead and mix the contained egg whites anddot of salt until it isrigid, and then put in the batter and stir. Complete, themix can be poured into the prepared 9 x 13 inch pan and then placed into the fully hot oven. Let it cook for half an hour before taking out to cool. To top off the cake, take the icing of choice and smear all over, decorating it and writing words in different colored icing, followed by some sprinkles. Stick in the fridge for a few hours and enjoy!

It is that simple. Is it just as delicious as one bought at the bakery. It is naturally baked and consumed and made full of love. Birthday cakes do not have to be super fancy and filled with all of these inserted fixings because that could be too much flavor. Simplify it by conquering the basics and adding the icing on top. The overall result is a delicious cake everyone will love and not even think it was baked at home.