Everyone likes cupcakes, but not all like regular vanilla cupcakes. Chocolate cupcakes are just as common also. Chocolate adds more flavor than vanilla and can be easily decorated with specialized icing. But, for those who bake chocolate cupcakes, they must have decorating ideas. The style of decorating a chocolate one is different than a regular flavor and it should be done accordingly. They are easy to do and more delicious to eat out of. So, here are some tips on chocolate cupcake decorating.

First, here are some tools to decorate a cupcake successfully. Get brown and white icing, a tube, and multiple tips to squeeze the icing out of. Another option, which is very viable, is using melted chocolate on top of the cupcake; try out both white and dark/milk chocolate. Get parchment paper if taking the melted chocolate route, as well as a thinned spatula. Spread the chocolates out one the paper thinly and top off with sprinkles. Let it dry completely and slice into pieces, like a piece of bark. Top off in the icing.

Another option is to follow a similar procedure with hardened chocolate and sticking it in the icing, but in the form of words. That is, pour the melted chocolate into a squeeze bottle and trace over words or designs on parchment paper (a heart, “Boy,” “Love,” a balloon) and let it dry. Carefully, take off the paper and stick it in the icing. That’s something else that should be thought of: chocolate icing. With tablespoons of butter, milk, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract, plus cups of brown sugar, it can be done. Take four tablespoons of butter and half a cup of brown sugar and heat in a pan. Mix as it melts and add two tablespoons of milk. After taking it off the heat when it starts to boil, blend in the cocoa powder and vanilla extract. Let it cool, mix it into the bag, and squeeze into shapes on the cupcake.

Then, there is white chocolate icing, which works with the same ingredients along with white sugar and white chocolate chips. Follow the same, with white chocolate chips instead of the powder and white sugar instead of brown sugar, and continue till it is finished. It may desired to add white chocolate on top of dark chocolate to give eaters the best of both chocolates. It is like hot and sweet and the same time. Try using the fancy chocolate as part of the chocolate icing.

Chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate – isn’t that delicious sounding? It is and it can be done at home very easily. This is an artistic endeavor, as well as a cooking one, and the chocolate cupcake is a piece of work in designing for consumption. So, enjoy and have fun cooking up a masterpiece with food because this is an occasion. Chocolate lovers will adore you for it. Bon appetite!