We all know that raising kids is getting more and more tricky by the day. Sure, we have all these new gadgets that make our lives easier but trying to throw the perfect birthday bash to keep your little one happy and impress the other kids is getting more difficult. They expect more and more and it tends to come with a high price. Fortunately that doesn’t need to be the case! Here are a few great theme party ideas for your little one’s special day.

When you’re throwing a kids theme party coming up with a strong idea and following through into your party decorating ideas makes a big difference to the overall feel. Lucky for you, kids are fairly happy to please when it comes to throwing a theme party for kids and will be happy with anything so long as there’s cake. So here are a few simple ideas and some theme party supplies you might want to think about bringing into the mix.

If you have a little adventurer on your hands then a zoo/safari theme will always tick the boxes and it’s fairly simple to come up with decorations for. Let’s face it, you’ll probably already have tons of teddies lying around and that’s half of the decorations done already. It’s easy enough to blow up some balloons and draw animal faces on there and get green napkins and plates to really complete the look. Kids love animals of all shapes and sizes so this is a simple little theme to go for.

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous then every kid loves something interactive and it also means you’ll be in control of how the party flows so why not try out a mad scientist theme. With little details making all the difference to this theme it’s a really good one for parents who love to get stuck in with the kids. Cakes that look like brains, party favours in test tubes and even mad scientist ID badges will leave your kids (and everyone else's) wanting more. You can even set up a few little experiments to really get them shrieking!

If you have the outdoor space then a carnival themed party is fun for kids and adults alike. Lots of colours make it easy to decorate as these things go, especially as the biggest part of the day is all about the party games! Coconut smash, crystal ball reading, hall of mirrors. Whatever you feel like doing is just what you can find in the build up to the big day!

Throwing a theme party for kids doesn’t need to be daunting or difficult. Pick a theme that works for you and your little one well in advance of the big day and you’ll be overwhelmed by how many ideas hit you along the way. Whatever you think up, it’s perfectly conceivable with a little thought and experimentation along the way.