No wedding celebration is complete without the wedding cake – three layers topped off by a mini-replica of a husband and wife. They are big, full of flavor (and sponge), and expensive. Ordering a wedding cake costs a whole lot more than a simple birthday cake and it’s the centerpiece of the post-wedding celebration. So, it may be worth considering of getting the right wedding cake recipe and baking one yourself. Here is how one can make a wedding cake at home.

Buy everything necessary for the wedding cake: flour, eggs, icing, baking soda, baking powder, sugar, a dash of salt, a couple of dashes of vanilla extract, and plenty of strawberries. For the three levels, get cake pans at 6-inch, 9-inch, and 12-inch in circumference that is three inches tall, plus cake boards in those sizes. Start off by baking the cake, as usual, in its three different sizes separately. Once they are baked and have cooled off, take the largest piece and cut through the middle slowly. Then, fill the exposed layer with fruit and icing and simply put the cut half back on top of it; repeat with the other two. On top of each layer, add more icing.

With each level baked, place them one by one in the fridge on their respected cardboard. To keep them stable, get plastic, inflexible straws and stick them in the layers. First, put one straw through the center all the way to the bottom. Note how much straw is still sticking out to make straws the same length when placing them through the top and middle layers to the bottom to keep it all stable. After staying overnight in the fridge, on the day of the wedding, take out and begin to decorate.

Start with one last coating of icing from top to bottom and all around the circles to make the appearance all smooth with a flat spatula. Once its molds are perfected, go ahead with what designs are in mind. Those who can’t use a bag to squeeze the icing out can follow by trying these ways. The exterior can be dotted with strawberries or any other berry used in the cake. How about sticking in flower pedals over it all (please tell the guests they are real and not consumable) with multiple colors? The same goes with the platter that holds the entire cake below; decorate it with flowers along the ends.

It may not be the most pretty and most professional looking wedding cake, but it is still a perfectly delicious treat for a major celebration. It is a homemade piece of perfection that is impressive and heartfelt to the bride and groom. We like things homemade now and a cake made right in our own kitchens is something to be proud of. It is inexpensive and made with love. The wedding cake is the most important part of the celebration and now it can be made with sophistication with ease.