Everyone loves a tasty cupcake! But when the cupcake liners stick to the cupcake, it can make it hard to enjoy the cupcake. The same can be said for muffins and muffin liners. Luckily, we have a few tips and tricks for keeping those baking cups from sticking to your cupcakes or muffins!

Use quality baking cups

Sometimes, baking cup manufacturers use cheap material for their product. They gain a profit while we have to deal with cupcake liners and muffin liners that stick! It is best to look up reviews for baking cups before buying. This way you can see which are made to stick and which are made correctly. Then you can enjoy a delicious muffin without the muffin cup being stuck to your muffin.

Use nonstick cooking spray or melted butter

Before adding batter to the baking cups, spray a bit of nonstick cooking spray or brush a bit of melted butter in the cups. The cooking spray and butter prevent the batter from baking the baking cup with it. This way when your muffins or cupcakes are baking, the baking cups won’t be cooked onto by the batter. Your muffin liners and cupcakes liners will be able to be peeled off without taking the cupcake or muffin with it!

Use water

If you have a deeper baking pan in your home, you can use it to help your baking cup not stick to your cupcakes or muffins. Just fill up your cupcake liners, or muffin liners, as usual and place them into your oven. Before you leave them to cook, fill up your deeper baking pan with water. Then place the pan along with the cupcakes, or muffins. The water adds moisture while your cupcakes, or muffins are baking. This prevents the baking cups from being baked onto your pastries. You will find that the cupcake liners, or muffin liners, peel off as smoothly as a banana peel.

Let your cupcakes cool

Sometimes the heat of the cupcakes, or muffins, are what make the baking cups stick. This can be fixed by allowing your cupcakes, or muffins, to cool for a while longer. You can do this by letting the cupcakes, or muffins, cool in their pans for a couple minutes before putting them on the cooling rack. Another cooling technique is to place the cupcakes, or muffins, into the fridge. After an hour or so, the cupcake liners, or muffin liners, should peel right off without tearing your pastry.
Fixing baking cups that are already stuck

It may seem hopeless to try to fix cupcake liners, or muffin liners, that are already stuck to the pastry. But no one should have to suffer through that kind of experience. The solution is to place your cupcake, or muffin, upside down on a plate. Then place a wet paper towel over the cupcake liners, or muffin liners, and set the microwave timer for 15 seconds. Your baking cups should peel right off so you can enjoy your tasty cupcake, or muffin, without a care!