When it comes to decorating your cakes for theme party ideas you can easily become overwhelmed by the masses that are on the market. But have you ever considered making some toppers for decorations for yourself? Not only might it save you a bit of money but you can sit at your party with a smile on your face knowing you can be proud of the cake you’ve put out. Party toppers aren’t too difficult to make look spectacular even for a novice so here are a few simple ideas to think about.

You’ll probably already have a good idea of what you’re planning to do for your party and have a lot of the theme party supplies in. This is a great place to start because you can look at the simplest part of the design on your party supplies and make it out of icing. Fondant icing is the easiest way to make great decorations for your cakes but don’t think that’s where the limits lie, you can easily use chocolate and sweets to make up some simple toppers for party if you’re struggling to find the time for making anything more intricate.

For a great birthday themed cake toppers you might want to consider some crowns. The 3D effect makes them really have the wow factor when they are actually one of the simplest decorations out there. They’re also really simple to decorate and sitting atop some beautifully piped buttercream and maybe even dusted with a little edible glitter, everyone will be asking you how you made them!

For kids parties a bug theme always goes down well, especially for the boys. The great thing about making bugs out of fondant is they’re relatively simple with lots of simple shapes. Worms come in worm shape, snails are worms flattened and rolled up and caterpillars are little balls stuck together in a wiggly manner. Make a few cute googly eyes and you’re onto a winner there.

For something a little more elegant you can always go down the flowers route and that’s where the popularity of baking and decorating cakes really comes into its own. With nicely decorated cakes becoming more popular by the day, the number of tools and handy hints out there has grown massively. This is especially true of flowers and leaves and you can very easily just grab yourself a couple of cutters that will do 90% of the work for you. Adding a couple of defining lines on last minute can take it from cute to stunning in a matter of seconds.

The number of theme party ideas is too many to count but if you have the time and energy to put into making party toppers then you won’t regret trying it out. Not only are they fun to experiment with but the feeling of sheer pride at the end of the day will be massive. So give it a go and see how creative you can get.